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RED GROUP Other Business Activities:

We provide our Clients with specific Consulting services including:

  1. Financial Consulting and Planning;
  2. Financial planning with combination of loan and co-financing scheme;
  3. Investment and commercial banking;
  4. Drafting Feasibility Study and Due Diligence;
  5. Bank selection and opening preferential account for the Client;
  6. Advising Project Audit preparation and procedure;
  7. Project realization Consulting;
  8. Setting up professional group for project realization;
  9. Legal advice relating to International Law;
  10. Project administration and management;
  11. Project realization system of Monitoring and Analysis;
  12. Estimation of project works and materials;
  13. Technical translation of documents;
  14. Drafting full set of contract documents, facilitation of contract signing and coming into force procedure;
  15. Logistics and Customs’ Clearance advice.

Firsov Mikhail
Financial Engineering
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Tel.: +38 050 395-01-30
Skype: firsovmikhail